Friend & Foe

Written by John Besley

Ground-breaking Australian historical fiction

The five-book series, Queensland Saga, covers 125 years of the State’s history from the 1860s to the late 1980s – when the autocratic premier, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, resigns. Book 1 covers early colonial days in the vast, unknown northern land through stories surrounding the banished, fictional 19-year-old, Garrick Lane.

Given little to nothing upon separation from NSW, Queensland would probably have collapsed but for the rich Gympie gold strike. It’s here that Rick begins building the wealth necessary for him to fulfil vows made en route from London. But nothing comes easily. That includes finding a woman to marry.

Later books trace how his marriage with Belle changes the hard-driven Rick, describe his pre-Federation activities, subsequent family rivalries, the cruel life-changing impacts of two world wars on younger generations, the gradual emergence of today’s Queensland, rich in natural resources while still keeping its unique culture that has included both worthy and dubious characteristics.

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